The Toys’ Museum in Vilnius is a very young museum which chose the direction of modern museology and wishes to demonstrate that science and culture may present a very interesting experience which enriches a person’s childhood. The Toys’ Museum transmits scientific knowledge about the history of toys from the oldest to modern times in a family friendly way, through personal experience gained playing with toy replicas, participating in workshops, listening to fairytales, taking part in discussions and conversations with professional educators. The museum creates a relaxing atmosphere, fosters creativity and curiosity and thus helps develop a child’s personality as well as builds bridges between visitors of all generations.



Many towns in Europe and around the world host beautiful and interactive museums devoted to toys and games. So far, Lithuania has not had any such venue. Thus, a private initiative launched on March 8 of 2010 seeks to ensure that Lithuanian children, their parents, grandparents and friends could also visit a toy and game museum in Vilnius, the capital. Toys’ museum in Vilnius was opened on December 7, 2012.


The vision of the Toys’ Museum is to become a modern education center where visitors could not only see old toys and their replicas but also try them out. We want out visitors to see, touch, play and ask questions such as what? Where? When? and how?


The first part of our museum is dedicated to the oldest Lithuanian toys. This is the first place in Lithuania which displays information about the archaeological research of the toys and games inventory. The exhibition of the oldest toys is represented in eight showcases, where you will find not only useful, interesting and unheard of information, but you will able to take toys and replicas from boxes and try them out.

Our goal is to create a Toy Museum with an education mission and showcase games and toys of ancient Lithuania, which are known from archaeological, ethnographic and historical sources. We want our visitors to see how toys evolved from the oldest times to the modern day. This vision has evolved as a result of in-depth research into archaeological toys of 12th-19th centuries, historic sources and abundant ethnographic material of 19th-20th centuries kept at Lithuanian museums. We are also collecting information about mass production of toys in Lithuania in the 20th century.



In the second part of the museum visitors are welcome to enjoy another exhibition "Memories from the 20th century” where you'll find many original toys that our parents and grandparents used to play with. The exhibition is enriched with a variety of activities.
The opening of the Museum is just a start. Our goal is to expand and deepen the content of the museum. We will complement the archaeological exhibition representing ethnographic toys and other thematic exhibitions and prepare new educational activities for visitors of all ages.

The museum also has a room where educational workshops are held. Follow the news on our web site ant join us in the exploration of the the world of toys and games.