Exhibition of the oldest LITHUANIAN TOYS opened in TARTU Toy Museum

Vilnius Toy Museum was opened to the public almost three years ago. The basis of the museum was the first PHD thesis about archaeological toys and games in Lithuania. It became the second toy museum in the Baltic states after the Tartu Toy Museum, which was launched in 1994. In its 21 years of activity, the once small Tartu museum has expanded over three buildings and introduces visitors to Estonian toys.

Tartu Toy Museum was the first museum to congratulate their colleagues in Vilnius. Therefore, it is not a coincidence but a result of the beautiful cooperation that the first international exhibition of Vilnius Toy Museum is presented in Tartu Toy Museum. The Estonian public will have an opportunity to get acquainted with the oldest toys from Lithuania and participate in educational workshops.

Vilnius Toy museum is grateful to its main sponsor - Vilnius Old Town Rotary Club, which has helped create a mobile exhibition that will strengthen the spread of Lithuanian cultural heritage in foreign countries.

The exhibition "The oldest Lithuanian toys” in Tartu Toy Museum will be open until December 20, 2015.