The Toys’ Museum has blown the candle on its first birthday cake.
One year is not such a long time, but on the other hand, we worked almost every day
 and thus it sometimes seems the museum has been here for much longer.


This first year was extraordinary. We officially opened the museum on 7 December 2012.
In 12 months, we received over 18,000 visitors. We have formed a wonderful team of professional educators. Our staff are by far our most precious asset.


A year ago, we opened the museum with a part of the exhibition based on Medieval archaeology. This year, we are introducing an even older period of human history. Our new exhibition is entitled Let’s Play Stone Age.

We are going to continue expanding the museum and introducing ever new displays so that you could come over again and again and always learn something new and exciting. 


Throughout the year, we received many exceptional visitors. We made new friends to whom we are most grateful for sharing their thoughts, gifts and enthusiasm.


Thank you all very much for helping the Toys’ Museum grow and flourish!